The 8 best dehumidifiers

If you have humidity in your home, it is important that you eliminate it as soon as possible. Not only because it will cause moisture on your walls, but because your health can be impaired. For this I invite you to buy one of the best dehumidifiers and you will see how the problems disappear.

Ovonni electric dehumidifier  

If you are looking for a small dehumidifier, but that is efficient, I can give you my word that this model will give you good results. Taking into account that it has a capacity of 300ml.

It works through the electrical system, which helps the air circulate better and therefore you can remove more easily the excess moisture. For you to do the idea, if you have it all day put, it can take up to 2 liters of water .

The deposit is very easy to empty, so this will not be any problem for you. It is also quite silent, so you will not mind having it on, especially since the consumption is very tight.

20-liter Comfee dehumidifier 

If you have enough humidity at home and you want to reduce it quickly in order to enjoy a higher quality air, this dehumidifier will give you very good results.

For you to get used to the idea, this model is perfect to clean the air of excess moisture from a surface of up to 100 square meters. Its operation is very simple, although it includes instructions that will solve any type of doubt you may have about the device. You can usually get up to 20 liters per day, as long as you have it plugged in all day. And you can program it through your programmer 24 hours.

Of course, although it has a frost protection system , I recommend using it always indoors. And since it has wheels, it is very easy to move it from one place to another.

Rubson dehumidifier without plug 

If you are looking for something simple to remove excess moisture in a room not very large, with this dehumidifier you can get good results.

Thanks to the fact that it significantly reduces the humidity of the air , this will help you to be able to breathe better the air of the room and above all it will allow you to achieve that the humidity and the mold are reduced. I mean, the walls will not get that ugly fast.

And since you do not need electricity, you can put it anywhere, without forgetting that it has an ecological and practical system.

Victing dehumidifier 

This model has 2 liters of capacity so that you can have it running for many hours without having to empty the tank. By the way, this task is very simple, in a few seconds you will have the empty tank for the dehumidifier to continue working.

The model works very well and stands out for having a very economical price for its quality . What’s more, it has an automatic shutdown system and a light that will inform you when the tank is full and you have to empty it.

You can use it in rooms of up to 25 square meters and it stands out for being very silent. Thanks to this you can use it in your room at night while you sleep and with the advantage that your consumption is very tight.

Fenither portable air dehumidifier 

This model has dropped a lot of price in recent months, which makes it today one of the best options for quality market price.

This small dehumidifier allows us to extract moisture easily, which makes it easy to use. Of course, it has a half-liter tank, which means that it fills up pretty quickly. It is the only problem that I put to the model.

The dehumidifier has a modern design, a perfect size to move it from one site to another and is very noisy, that is, it has everything. Thanks to this small machine you will see how the humidity of the room descends quickly and therefore the mold that grows on the walls does not develop so quickly due to the absence of so much humidity.

DeLonghi dehumidifier with ionizer and purifier 

If you want to have a good machine, look no further. I present a really complete dehumidifier that is worth paying what it costs. For you to get used to the idea, this model will not only allow you to reduce the humidity of the air. It will also allow you to enjoy the air purification and ionization function . As you can see, we are talking about a complete machine that will allow you to enjoy clean air.

This device can eliminate excess moisture through its special technology, which does not need the help of a compressor. That is to say, he is very silent and does his job very well. As for the capacity of the deposit, it is 2 liters.

Silent Youfu dehumidifier 

This dehumidifier I liked from the first moment because it is very silent . It only has a noise level of 35db, that is, you will hardly notice that it is on.

Once plugged in, you will notice that little by little the humidity begins to disappear and thanks to its size, I can assure you that it is a machine that will give you very good results anywhere, both in the living room, as in the rooms as in the office. Where you have the humidity, with this device you will reduce it.

Pro Breeze dehumidifier for humidities 

To finish I want to recommend a really powerful dehumidifier, with a 3-liter tank that caught my attention as soon as I saw it.

To make you to the idea, with this device you will be able to eliminate up to one and a half liter of daily humidity, that is to say, the deposit will only have to empty every two days. As long as you have the machine on all day.

It also includes a humidity sensor . This sensor measures the humidity and as soon as you notice that it is in the right percentage, it is directly turned off until the humidity rises again. All this information will be shown to you through a small lcd screen. As you can see, it is a great machine at a very interesting price.

Tips to buy the best dehumidifier

When buying a dehumidifier you should bear in mind that this device can be found in different formats, for this reason, in order to make a quality purchase, it is vital to know what use we are going to give you, to buy the ideal model , performing an  analysis of dehumidifiers .

When buying the dehumidifier, you should bear in mind that there are different models in the market . For example, you can buy a refrigerant dehumidifier or desiccant dehumidifier. If you want a refrigerant dehumidifier, you should know that consumption is low and the price is cheap. On the other hand, one of the advantages of the desiccant dehumidifier is that it makes little noise, has a compact and lightweight design and adapts very well to all types of rooms.

You must always calculate the area in which you want to put the dehumidifier. Keep in mind that not all have the same power, that is, you have to calculate the area and later buy a model that can really reduce the humidity of that room. It will be useless to buy a small dehumidifier if the room or living room is large. If it will reduce some humidity, but the percentage will always be high. To get an adequate degree of humidity, you always have to buy a dehumidifier adapted to the space.

Do not forget that in order to enjoy the properties of dehumidifiers you should always use it in a room that has a temperature above 15 degrees . At lower temperatures it does not work well, so you will not be able to get the most out of it.

The extraction capacity of the dehumidifier is another fact that you should look at first-hand. You can easily find this information in the product information. This data is normally given by capacity for 24 hours. Of course, keep in mind that these data are approximate, because the analyzes vary according to the laboratory that have been made.

After seeing this data, the following should be the data of the deposit. If you are clear that you are going to get a lot of humidity every day, it is best to look at the large deposit to avoid having to empty the tank every few minutes. Ideally, it can be emptied only once a day or every two days.

Noise is another piece of information to value, especially if you are clear that you are going to use it when you are at home or even when you are sleeping.

Other things that you should value when buying the best dehumidifier is electricity consumption . Some models do not even connect, although if you want to get the most out it is important that they go to light. But as with all electrical appliances, not all consume the same. Look at this detail to prevent the electricity bill from increasing.

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