7 tips to decorate your room with magazine results

Are you thinking of giving a change of scenery to the decoration of your bedroom ? If you would like to achieve a spectacular result but a thousand doubts assail you when thinking about getting down to work, you can not miss today’s entry. And we are going to put at your disposal some great and simple tips to decorate your room without losing your way while watching how you are giving step by step to an authentic bedroom magazine. Do you dare to try? Well, do not lose the detail we started.

Do not lose sight of its shape and size

Decorating small bedrooms usually requires more initial planning to help you take advantage of the space without losing meters along the way. So the first thing that you have to take into account when you start decorating your new bedroom are the meters and the way you count to start working. They will be determining factors that should not be lost sight of. A bad distribution or the choice of furniture too basic can be ruined from the start. Measure, plan and be cautious with the elements of greater scope to not start with the left foot from the beginning.

Tips to decorate your room: Take advantage of natural light

Enjoy  natural light in any corner of the house  is an almost fundamental factor that we can not fail to name in our list of basic and indispensable tips to decorate your room with a result of ten. First of all, keep in mind that if you do not have all the natural light that you would like, you must encourage or at least not hinder your entry into the bedroom . Use light fabrics in windows, surround yourself with light colors (especially the white color and its varieties) and the use of low-rise furniture will help you achieve it.

Keep in mind how you use colors

Distribute the colors correctly when decorating a bedroom will bring you even closer to achieving the harmonious and comfortable magazine environment that you pursue. For this you must keep in mind the 60-30-10 rule to combine colors. To give place to a harmonious stay involves the use of three colors mostly, and as you can guess, the numbers 60-30-10 correspond to the percentage in which each color has to be present in the room.

Do not miss out on textile elements

To a greater extent, the warmth and comfort of a room will be given by the amount of textile elements that we incorporate into it. Finding ourselves in the shelter of soft and comfortable elements such as curtains, cushions, cushions, plaids, carpets, etc., will help us to create a bedroom dedicated to rest, well-being and comfort . Sleeping in soft cushions, getting out of bed and feel the touch on our feet of a warm carpet is the first thing we experience … In short, encouraging pleasant sensory experiences will lead to the creation of pleasant stays!

Play with lighting

Another of the tips to decorate your room that you can not lose sight of. And is that hitting the lighting combining the different types will be a detail that you can not ignore. Of course, when it comes to incorporating it, take into account what the result and environment you want to promote with it. And of course, do not forget that ambient lighting can not be missing!

Welcomes natural materials

Both forming part of the present textile elements, as in coatings, furniture or giving rise to decorative elements, the natural materials should not be missing. They increase the comfort, the naturalness and the positive nostalgia of our stays just by being present , so they will be decisive for our personal well-being.

Less can be more

If you are not very short of space, keep in mind that to get an airy, harmonious and clean decoration it is not necessary to occupy every corner you have in the bedroom. Part of what you really need and when to incorporate ornaments, it is better little, original and striking that much and without substance. The creation of visually saturated rooms does not usually lead to quiet and comfortable bedrooms . In any case, do not lose sight of how much less it can be.


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