The 7 best waterproof mobile phone cases

If you are one of those who, even on the beach, are looking at notifications on your Smartphone, like to take pictures, and write to your friends, maybe you should protect your phone from water and sand with one of the best waterproof mobile phone cases. we offer you in this list with analysis and comparisons in which you will find many different formats to choose from.

Waterproof case for 6-inch mobile

With this product you will be able to enjoy not a waterproof case, but a pack with two units, designed for you and your partner or a friend, or even if you want to have a spare in case you lose the one you are using. It has an IPX8 protection and is designed to be used with any phone that does not exceed 6 inches.

Not only you can save your mobile and remove it when you need it, but thanks to the fabric of the case you can manipulate it freely and without problems, seeing everything that happens on the screen of your device.

Waterproof case for universal mobile

If your phone is larger than 6 inches and therefore, you can not use the previous case that we have described, we advise you to try one of these, since it will reach 6.3, being the ideal medium for those terminals with the largest screen . With this product you can be sure that, if you put your mobile in the case, you can immerse it even two hours without getting any water.

Waterproof case for mobile phones in pink

A model that will especially like those people who want to carry their mobile phone in a pink case with protection and IPX8 certificate. This makes sure that the water will not enter your device when you have the bag closed, and can carry it even when you are surfing or diving, provided it is not more than 10 meters.

In the package that you will receive at home you will not only have the case with perfect dimensions for your 6.2 mobile phone but also some laces that you can adjust to put them on your neck and bring your device much more comfortable.

Waterproof sleeve kit with waterproof bag

We find a pack that will appeal to all adventurers who want to be sure that their belongings or mobile is going to get wet or fill with dirt or sand. It is a case very similar to the one we have seen in the previous products, getting in addition to preventing the entry of water, it will keep away the scratches on the screen.

Regarding the waterproof bag is another of those products that, if you already have the Smartphone in its corresponding case, if you put it inside, you will have much more protected, being able to cross to a river without danger.

Universal waterproof blank case

This time we have only one waterproof case for your mobile with white as the predominant color. You will keep everything you put inside very dry, perfect to take to the beach or even if you want to take out the phone when there is rain.

It has a high quality IPX8 protection that gets you to keep your device as if nothing, sealing tightly to prevent the passage of any particle or liquid. Its white color is not only in the PVC that works as a closure, but also in the body of the product, showing the phone, which can be up to a total of 6 inches.

5.5 inch mobile waterproof case

A nice waterproof case made of neoprene that will ensure that any drop of water will slip and will not affect your terminal. We must say that it is not one of the covers with protection and IPX8 certificate, but if you do not want to submerge your phone in the water and you just want to avoid getting wet a little or filling it with sand or earth, it seems like a perfect cover for any use.

The design is something that we appreciate in this model, although if you prefer, you can also find another that is more suitable for your tastes, but with total security, you will find a case made for you with which to enjoy to the fullest.

Waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Finally, for those who still enjoy their Samsung Galaxy S8, a device of high quality, can continue to do so thanks to this waterproof case that allows you to submerge two meters for about half an hour without any problem.

On the other hand, you will also have an excellent protection against falls, as it has been tried and tested that holds falls to the ground up to 2 meters high, so it is a case that is worth it for everything it offers. Its certificate is IP68, being also resistant to water, snow, you can take your mobile to ski.

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