The 7 best vegetable graters

Are you tired of eating vegetables in a traditional way? Give life to your vegetable dishes with the best vegetable graters that we present in this article.

Vegetable grater Spirilizer

I present you an economic grater that is very well prepared for the price you have. It has 3 different types of leaves so that you can grate the vegetable according to your interest at all times.

The design is beautiful, light and most importantly, it is small so you can easily handle it. In addition, the pack includes a small book of recipes for you to get the most out of it. It really is a great buying option that will make you have a good opinion of the grater.

Multifunctional vegetable grater

If you like innovative things, but do not want to pay top dollar for them, this multifunction grater is what you’re looking for.

We speak of a grater very easy to handle, while it has been manufactured with materials that will not contaminate your veggies, not forgetting that the grater will last a long time. This is possible using the steel has been successfully treated to last a long time.

It has a lot of different cuts and is perfect for fruits, vegetables …

Vegetable grater in spiral

With this simple grater you can make different cuts to vegetables. For example, you can cut spirally, grate …

Whichever option you choose, you should know that the cuts will be of very good quality, thanks in part to the use of a triple blade stainless steel system. All this make it a great kitchen tool. To make you to the idea, you can make eggplant chips, zucchini spaghetti … endless things that will make you enjoy spectacular dishes.

Grater with grater

On this occasion we have a grater that offers us 4 types of different blades so that we can make the grated or cut that interests us most for our stews. This means that you can quickly transform the vegetables into strips, filaments, puree or chunks. To achieve this, you will only have to change the blade that interests you. The change of blades is very easy, you will not take more than a few seconds.

You have to be careful with the blades because they are quite sharp.

Another of the strengths of the model is its cleaning, it is the simplest, although you have to dry the blades well to get them to last as long as possible. The truth is that quality is a great purchase option.

Vegetable grater Weinas

Although we are looking at the low cost of the vegetable graters in this list, the truth is that another model that fulfills its function very well.

In addition to its design, another of the things that I liked the most is how easy it is to handle and how easy it is to clean. And once you have to save it, you can do it anywhere because it’s so tiny.

It is a good option when presenting vegetables in a different way and make them more appetizing.

Vegetable grater with mandolin shape

I present you with a perfect mandolin to grate and cut your vegetables in a safe way. With this model the possibility of taking a finger are very few, and none if you do it with care, that is, it is one of the safest options in the market.

Besides having a great isolation of the blades, the cuts are of high quality, thanks to the fact that they are very sharp. To this we must add that the materials are of good quality, which ensures a great durability of the mandolin. The pack comes very complete, has 6 interchangeable blades so you can make the cut you want. Changing the blades is super simple.

Greenskon vegetable grater

To finish I want to talk about another grater with a mandolin shape that is very well prepared and has very good quality materials. The truth is that it is worth paying the difference.

With this grater you can make up to 7 types of cuts different from vegetables, including the function of grating vegetables. Its handling is simple and safe and it is very easy to clean. And since it is not a very large grater, it will not occupy just space when you have it in the cupboard.

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