The 7 best baby monitors

The needs to choose the products to care for a newborn baby are especially evident when choosing products that have to do with safety . This is the case of baby monitors. This small device can help parents not to give up other tasks at home while their little ones sleep.

The variety of baby monitor models is very wide, which makes it difficult to choose the one that best suits us. The experiences of other parents are a point in favor to take into account when researching these devices, as they can help to opt for a particular model or, on the contrary, to discard one with whom someone close has had a bad experience.

In this article we want to facilitate the arduous task of finding the best baby monitor for your little one.

Baby monitor with temperature sensor

This type of baby monitor is one of the most modern that exist. Among many other things, this type of device has a temperature sensor that notifies the mobile if the temperature of the baby’s room rises or falls within the values ​​you have set and so can act accordingly.

Baby monitor with camera

For parents, being able to see their baby at any time move and breathe is very comforting and generates a sense of security, especially for first-time parents. Hence, baby monitors with a camera are usually the perfect option. These models have zoom, HD image in both color and black and white; and many times camera movements to better record the position of the baby.

Wireless baby monitor

This type of model does not need to be connected to the electric light all the time for its operation. Many times to get the best baby plane , the cable does not arrive. And also the receiver is more free to use, since parents can easily transport the monitor to any room in the house.

Baby monitor with crying sensor

These baby monitors connect, activate and notify when there is a noise a little higher than normal. For this type of device it is very important that it is located in a correct place , that is, it is not close to doors, stairs or windows, where there is usually a lot of noise, and where it is easier for the sensor to jump due to foreign noise. are not caused by the baby. A very annoying fact that every two times it sounds without being the baby who activates it.

Baby monitor with night vision


This type of baby monitor with camera shows us perfectly the image of the baby in total darkness thanks to different light sensors, which help the father or mother to see their child with a totally clear image.

This type of model is very practical and thrifty, since it is activated when the baby starts to cry or have a different breath.

Baby monitor with private connection

After choosing if you want a baby monitor with a camera or not, the next thing you should know is to know if you want to include a monitor, or that also allows you to see the images from your mobile devices. Thanks to a private connection , you can see the images of the camera, on your tablet, mobile or computer.

They are a bit more expensive but you can see the baby from anywhere and any time. It is very effective when the father or mother is not at home.

Infrared baby monitor

In the case of baby monitors with video, one of the features that may be added, is the function of infrared. A very interesting feature to see the baby with night vision .

For this device it is very important that the Wifi signal goes well to the baby’s room. If the intensity is not good, this is not the best option for a baby monitor.

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