2019 Event Trends to Take Notice Of

Organising an event this year and want it to be the talk of the town? Check out these hot trends for making your event stand out from the crowd:


There are lots of events every year with most still feeling like spin-offs or copies of other successful events. Many don’t gain their own strong identity and copy other successes. You won’t be able to get away with this in 2019 as audiences are craving originality and authenticity. It’s more than just marketing your brand everywhere, you need to supply immersive experiences and have a strong, clear purpose and message.

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Interaction is a hot trend this year and it means more than digital interaction. Workshops and participation are increasingly becoming the preferred activities for events. It’s all about experiencing and not simply being a passive witness. Avoid long speeches from key note speakers and aim for short talks combined with activities. Give your audience the opportunity to apply what they’ve just learned. Get help with your next event with an Events Agency Dublin like https://davisevents.ie/

Bleisure Travel

This year’s trends include the combination of business and leisure travel to create the concept of ‘bleisure’. Events can be tiring, with attendees being high-functioning people who might be feeling a little stressed out. Why not include some relaxation and leisure time part way through a corporate event to promote the right mix of business and wellness. Every performs better when they are allowed some downtime too.

Metrics for customisation

Metrics have been used for a while now but how they are being used is changing. Now metrics can be customised to improve interactivity, with organisers getting the right information at just the right time. There are now so many more ways to gather data, including apps, sensors, trackers, wearables and social media. All of which can be used to gain the data needed to mould an event. You’ll also hear more about crowdshaping, the AI tool that takes raw data and allows you to improve the event experience in real-time.


Everyone is concerned with the safety of their information and transactions in a digital world. The news often features stories of serious data breaches among some of the biggest digital platforms in the world. Events handle a huge amount of data, so it’s crucial that event planners work closely with data security professional to keep that data as safe as possible.

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Facial Recognition

This technology has become increasingly accurate in recent years and allows for a seamless integration with event registration processes. Current trends are seeing more integration between this kind of software and AI. Imagine being able to take one look at an attendee’s face and customise their experience based on their facial expression and responses.

This technology can measure the behaviour and mood of an entire crowd of people. Software is available that can track facial expressions. Tie this in with your real-time metrics and you can control and adapt your event as it unfolds to provide the most unique and customisable event.




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