10 Tips to avoid mistakes in the design of our kitchens

Some time ago I wrote this article in another medium, today I want to recover it and bring it to this blog, given the increasing importance that the design of kitchens in our homes is charging .No matter how different our lifestyle may be, in the end much of our domestic activities will be developed in the kitchen. For this we want to raise today  10 mistakes that we have to avoid if we want to guess the design of our kitchen:

1. Avoid obstructing the so-called working triangle.

The  working triangle  in the kitchen is formed by the  refrigerator, the sink and the cooking plate  itself. This area is the most active and is the one that we must take care of when planning the design, avoiding to distance these elements a lot, as well as avoiding the interposition of possible obstacles between them.

Regardless of the size or layout of our kitchen design, it must adhere to this  simple rule  to achieve greater effectiveness in the main use of this room; Cook. A triangle that is too small can cause us to trip over each other in the kitchen, and if it were too big it would become a grueling activity.

2. Avoid the lack of lighting.

Lighting  is one of the great forgotten protagonists in the design of our homes, since our Blog we have already talked about the  importance of lighting our homes well.

And the kitchen is a space in which we should not have the luxury of having a poor lighting, because in it we use sharp and dangerous kitchen utensils. We must consider a good general lighting, that avoids shadows inside the workspace and reinforced by a specific lighting for each task. The usual thing is to strengthen in the area of ​​food preparation, as well as in those areas that we use in our kitchens to enjoy our breakfasts or meals.

3. Do not forget a good Ventilation.

Both the use of a good  extractor hood and designing the kitchen with good  natural ventilation  must be essential in our kitchens. Avoiding the use of bells that are often of a very elegant design and yet do not comply with a good extraction of the stale air. Also study well the heights of placement of the same to enjoy a cleaner and more pleasant kitchens for us.

4. Do not forget the storage space.

In our kitchens we usually store a lot of utensils, utensils, food …  And not only that, but often everything related to cleaning the home is also inside the kitchen, which is why we need a lot of storage space and we must also consider that it is easy to access.

We have often found kitchen houses that obviate this space in pursuit of a more “attractive” design and this is just something we should avoid. That is why we like to  define the space of the kitchens in which we work and to define its design adapting it to the needs of the client , by means of an adequate planning and forecasting of the same the kitchen must not only be more attractive, but must have all the storage space we need. Even taking advantage of the socket of the same to increase the total storage capacity.

5. Do not ignore the workspace on Countertop.

Many times we find kitchens that do not have an adequate length for the work surface. All the activities we do in the kitchen require a countertop , which is convenient to adapt this need to our kitchen. For this we can use islands or develop kitchens in the form of L or U. It is important not to forget to have a large countertop surface in our kitchens, especially near the sink and the kitchen itself.

6. Do not make mistakes in choosing an Island in the Kitchen.

They are fashionable and we know, are an element of great design, but  often strive to place an island in our kitchen, or a bad location thereof within it, it can be a disastrous choice . If you do not have a properly sized kitchen, an island may hinder the development of good work triangle, as we talked about in the first point, or we will have a lower storage capacity. It is important to determine if the choice of an island in the design of our kitchen, may or may not be a wise decision.

7. Do not forget to protect the walls of our kitchen.

Well for budget or for aesthetic reasons, we often reject adequate protection of the vertical walls of our kitchens, especially in the areas of the fires or the sink.

We are finding ourselves with an increasing tendency on the part of our clients to ask us for the walls of the  kitchens without tiling , normally finished with smooth paint. We understand this as a serious error and so we try to make it understood, it  is necessary that these vertical surfaces are easy to clean, avoiding finishes that have a high porosity and with it an easy absorption of vapors and fats that extend through the kitchen.

For this we recommend using a good tile, or fold the kitchen countertop on the walls of the same, this option is economically more expensive and therefore should only be used on time. We can also use vitreous or stone coatings, as long as they do not have open pores.

8. Do not forget the space for Recycling.

Well in the space under the sink, or in a separate piece of furniture, we can resort to the choice of a great variety of buckets for the recycling of garbage. Today there are a large number of containers on the market that allow an  easy classification of the different types of waste  we generate.

9. Do not sin of excess Fashion.

Although it should not be treated as a big mistake, if it is convenient to bear in mind that the market is somewhat volatile in terms of trends and although today a color or design is especially fashionable, it can have a very short half-life and make that our investment has not been the best option. Not only is it a matter of colors, also kitchen utensils  that today appear in all magazines and that perhaps we are not of a special utility. As we always tell our clients, it  is important to know ourselves and our needs to avoid absurd investments.

10. Do not make the mistake of Not Having Professionals.

Taking charge of a Kitchen Design Project on your own, as well as  not having Professionals in the design of the Housing Reform Project , is a common mistake in Spain. In other countries there is always an  Architect  when it comes to Housing Reform, here this is considered an expense and not a saving. When you have a Professional Architect and with knowledge of the value of the costs of the Materials and Works to be made, this will not only mean a great economic saving within the Work to be done , but it will also become an adequate investment in the future, revaluing the value of our house and determining the  importance or not of the work to be done for it .

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