The 10 most rare remedies in the world against influenza

Viruses are the order of the day and it is still very common that regardless of where you live, you catch a strong and unpleasant cold. I present the 10 most rare remedies in the world against influenza and associated ailments, including those of my grandmother. You never would have imagined that this could cure you!

 Deer horn or elk horn

Its medicinal properties are of ancestral origin and it is considered that it intervenes in the strengthening of the blood, increasing the defenses of the organism. That is why in some cultures it is considered one of the most effective in fighting influenza.

 Cinnamon and ginger tea

You will feel relief with this drink when ingesting it hot. Cinnamon fights headaches and ginger does the same decongesting, relieving the discomfort of the throat, heating the lungs and stomach. For something the Chinese have used it as medicine for more than 2500 years.

 One of my grandma

Gargle baking with honey or gargle with warm water and sea salt. You will be able to reduce the throat pain and the irritation of it, favoring the healing. Do it several times a day so you can see results.

 Garlic pills

It is a perfect expectorant of accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract, including the bronchi. I have great faith because garlic is a potential fighter against infections, thanks to its high component of vitamin C and zinc. While the ideal would be to consume it in its natural way, it can be found in capsules.


It is a medicinal plant that promotes resistance to infections, fights colds and relieves sore throat. The tincture is used to gargle, while the pills are used to strengthen the immune system.


It is another plant that has become popular against the symptoms of the common cold and the flu. Its antibacterial qualities have made it indispensable in the treatment of conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia, acting to the benefit of the organism.

 Stuffed lizard soup

The title of this post refers to the rarest remedies against influenza and I did not want to discriminate any. For that reason, I include this exotic dish that in Hong Kong is super popular to treat common flu conditions. It is cooked with sweet potatoes and the Asians consider that the lizard is beneficial for the heart and lungs. Incredible, but true!


A home remedy to fight sore throats and cough is to boil potatoes, crush them and let them cool. Print it on a towel or gauze and place it over your throat for at least an hour. You will see that discomfort is a thing of the past.

 Orange juice with cabbage

Orange is a great anti-flu, but perhaps you did not know that combining it with boiled cabbage is ideal to cure the flu. Drink the cabbage soup with the juice extracted from the orange and breathe healing.

 Sopita chicken legs

If you thought chicken soup was good against the flu and colds, wait until you eat the broth made with the legs. It raises your defenses faster than you think by its large amount of nutrients. It is so good that they send it to the sick to restore their health. There is no waste!

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