These are the 10 most expensive drugs in the world

If getting sick is already painful in itself, which also seriously affects our pocket is even more so. Private medical assistance sometimes involves a high cost that is aggravated when we also have to buy medicines that are not usually cheap.

Now, if that antibiotic that you have been prescribed already seems too expensive, your surprise will be capitalized when you discover the drugs that we are going to show you, some of which are used to treat very rare diseases.

Therapies, common or less common, that in those countries where public health is not an option, places patients at the crossroads of receiving or not a treatment that can save their lives.

According to us, among the 10 most expensive drugs in the world we can list:

1.Spark Therapeutics announced in January of this 2018 that the cost of its new therapy for blindness will amount to a whopping 850,000 dollars ($ 425,000 per eye). Thus, it has become the most expensive medicine in history, inevitably reopening the debate on the inaccessibility of pioneering treatments.

2. The price of the drug designed for the treatment of two strange conditions that affect the blood, which are the atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome and the nocturnal paroxysmal hemoglobin , reaches the not inconsiderable amount of $ 409,500 . This would be explained both by the heavy investment made in their research and by their great results.

3. Patients diagnosed with Hunter syndrome , a hereditary disease whose cause is a lack of the enzyme iduronate sulfatase, may have their situation mitigated in the recombinant form of this enzyme. The $ 375,000 Elaprase costs must be paid by those who want this unique form of treatment for a disease that is incurable.

4, The Maroteaux-Lamy treated with this purified human enzyme. This rare genetic disease usually occurs in childhood, challenging the growth of intellectually normal children, among other serious problems. Its cost is $ 365,000 .

5.This is the treatment against hereditary angioedema , a hereditary condition that produces a severe swelling, sometimes in expensive airways, due to inadequate functioning or to low levels of C1 protein inhibitor. Its price is about $ 350,000 , which can be used to avoid those that are often described as sudden deaths.

6. When conventional drugs stop working, this remedy is a hope for those suffering from peripheral T cell lymphoma . Access to it is worth $ 350,000 for a treatment of 6 weeks, which could kill cancer cells.

7.The spasms and infantile convulsions attacking children aged 4 to 6 months old may have their days with this drug is not yet approved by the Drug Agency (FDA for its acronym in English). For this reason,   its price is free .

8.The drug developed to treat a rare disease that can lead to tragic consequences is around $ 300,000 . The Pompe disease frequently affects infants, having a fatal prognosis if not diagnosed early. Thanks to Myozyme, their patients, who have a very low quality of life, can end up talking, walking and even feeding themselves.

9. The treatment of the symptoms of rare genetic diseases such as Muckle-Wells Syndrome or Cold-Induced Autoinflammation Syndrome , has in this medicine an ally whose cost is $ 250,000 .

10. Ceredase / Cerezyme. Patients with a diagnosis of type I or III Gaucher disease that can cope with the $ 150,000 of their acquisition in the market, find in Cerezyme the possibility of balancing the concentrations of glucosylceramide in their organisms.

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