10 dishes of Japanese gastronomy

Japan is usually one of the most desired destinations by travelers, but many have to settle for admiring the country from a distance. It is not the same with its gastronomy, which is very accessible thanks to the proliferation of Japanese restaurants all over the world. In our country we can not complain because the average of establishments that serve Japanese food is quite high and it is easy to taste the most typical delicacies of the Japanese country. The technique, the freshness of the products and the decoration are just some of the most important aspects of your kitchen.


Vegetables in tempura is perhaps one of the simplest recipes of Japanese cuisine. Even being very easy to prepare, its simplicity does not detract from its exquisiteness. They are cooked with little water and for a long time to preserve their shape and freshness, maintain their nutritional value and have a good digestion. It is usually served with sauces, which can vary from one place to another, but many agree in serving a mixture of soy sauce with the broth of the cooking of the vegetables. Tasty and very healthy. It is served at the beginning of the meal and they consider that it has to arrive at the table as it leaves the kitchen.


This may be the most familiar word even for the little understood in this type of food. Its origin goes back to antiquity, when the fish was prepared on a layer of vinegary rice to take it to work and there it was cut into pieces and eaten with chopsticks. The makisushi or maki, wrapped in nori seaweed, are not bad followers either.


Fish and point. The secret of a good sashimi is in the cut: each type of fish has a specific cut. The same happens with the different parts of it. For example, with salmon and tuna the Hira-Zukuri technique or cross-section is used. Needless to say, the fish has to be fresh. Many confuse it with sushi, but sashimi does not carry rice.


One of the basic ingredients of Japanese cuisine. Almost any dish can be accompanied by cooked rice. The treatment of rice will vary depending on the recipe. It is served in a pickled bowl when it is simply boiled with water. It will be treated with vinegar when served with fish (sushi).

Miso soup  

In almost all meals in Japan this dish is present, which is usually taken at the beginning of lunch. It’s basically miso or pasta in soy sauce diluted in fish broth or dashi, but it has something that you like a lot. He often carries tofu and wakame seaweed.

Mushrooms are a classic in Japanese cuisine. One of the best known is the Shiitake . So much so that its cultivation has spread to many other countries. Among its different types, the most prominent variety is the donko. Its characteristic wood flavor intensifies when dry. It is easy to find them in stews with meat or in tempura


Grilled or baked chicken dish with sweet sauce dressing based on sake, mirin, sugar and soy sauce. You can also bring spring onion and ginger. It can be accompanied by rice and decorated with sesame. It is a tasty dish with many followers.


The Kobe beef is one of the most delicious in Japan and is known all over the world. In importance for them it is usually at the sushi level. An exquisite way to take the veal is on a bed of rice and spring onion and topped with egg yolk and sesame. Other more affordable calves also have excellent quality.


There are so many varieties that it would be easy to be a good season eating noodles without repeating variety or recipe. The most popular are usually the soba – buckwheat flour – served with vegetables or seafood, udon noodles -something thicker-, ramen noodles, which are those of soups, and yakisoba, which are fried with meat , vegetables and ginger.


It is a very simple dish consisting of a handful of cooked green beans seasoned with salt that is taken in Japanese bars and restaurants as a tapa. You eat almost without thinking,

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