What are the colours for Winter?

Whilst it may not be the nicest time of year weather wise it’s no reason to slouch in the fashion stakes. Whether it’s that smart Christmas run up wear when you like to look your best to the post Christmas day pointless time between the big day and New years when it’s tempting to just get the jumpers and joggers out, you need some colour. Don’t forget that Winter drags on for another two months after December so that wardrobe needs to be prepared for it.  You could start by taking a look at EJ Menswear and the smart line of Tommy Bowe Menswear that they have.

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Although the colour of nature seems to have gone to sleep over the period, which it technically has you do not need to switch off. While there may not be a call for vivid and bright or even pastel colours around about now you can take the autumnal theme and run with it through the Winter.

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So this means that you are looking at rich Dark Reds and Burgundy. Black too has its place unless you’re venturing out at night then you’ll need a bit of colour so that you can be seen. Green, particularly Olive Drab is also a winner. Don’t forget it’s generally jumper and hoodies this time of year. Don’t be afraid of some Ash Grey either. Dark blue is also a nice touch. With scarves and hats now added to the mix you’re sure to find something that will suit.

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