Things to consider before buying a park home

Park home life is laid-back, sociable and loaded with security that you wouldn’t find when buying a traditional bricks and mortar style home.

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The sites on which Gloucester park homes are built are in idyllic countryside, far from the urban jungles of city life.

Residential park homes provide you with a real community to be a part of. You will be surrounded by neighbours who have the same outlook as you.

These homes are great for those looking to downsize their home, or retirees. Gloucester park homes are particularly affordable and involve little maintenance effort. Costs can vary depending on model or size, and location plays a part too. A new home will cost between £70,000 – £400,000, and pre-owned homes sell for around £50,000 plus.

You don’t own the land your house sits on – but this means that you are similarly not expected to maintain this land. You pay a set fee each year (a ‘pitch fee’) which is agreed with the park owner. Energy prices remain the same, as the owner cannot charge you more than they have paid for gas, electric or water. Always clarify these costs with the owner before buying.

Buying new or pre-owned

If you buy an empty plot, you can tailor a home to suit your requirements. Alternatively, you can buy a new home already built. After choosing or designing your home, the park owner will confirm transportation, utility and pitching costs.

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If pre-owned, you will deal directly with the current homeowner, rather than the park owner. You are strongly advised to use a specialist solicitor and have a survey done to help make sure everything goes smoothly and to plan

Mortgages are not available for park homes. They are bought outright and this can be done through specialist finance companies. The land is leased for a fixed time. Research as much as possible, as there is no standard finance option. See UK laws here –


There are over 1,700 sites across the UK – try, for example. Each site will have its own restrictions and flexibilities.

Some parks require you vacate your house for one to two months of the year – so be aware of this. Always check this, along with the park fees, and warranty.


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