Six Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be a highly effective tool to retain customers and maintain repeat interest in your business.

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Here are six key email marketing tips.

Comply With GDPR

Make sure your European users and customers are given the option to opt into your email marketing themselves or you’ll run into some serious legal trouble down the line. This can actually help your open and clickthrough rates. You’ll only be sending emails to those who really want to engage with your business, maximising the chances that you’ll convert interested people into return customers.

Set The Preview Text

Whether you’re promoting a blog or a new product, email clients like Gmail and Outlook will show the first few lines of the email alongside the subject line. Write a short and enticing preview of around 50 characters with the most important information – domain name, what the email’s about, and why it should be opened.

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Write A Clickable Subject Line

Why should customers read your email? Write a subject line that makes people want to click on your message straight away when it hits their inbox. The best subject lines are clear, understandable, use action verbs to create excitement, avoid spam triggers, include something exclusive, and include a little personal touch like a name or location.

Make Sure There’s A Call-To-Action

Some customers and contacts will scan through an email and never read your wonderfully crafted copy. Include a clear call-to-action that’s easy to spot and encourages customers to engage with your business. For example, every blog entry at ends with a call-to-action and you need to do the same for email. Keep customers coming back to your website or social media every time.

Optimise Emails For Mobile

Over half of all emails are opened on mobile devices. If it doesn’t open properly or the formatting isn’t configured for smartphones, there’s no point in sending it out. Make it readable for all devices.

Monitor Email Performance

Check the open and clickthrough rates for every email to see how they are received and what styles work best for your customers. Is it the personalisation in the subject line? The imagery? The deal sent through with the email? You can’t improve copy or style unless you know what works.

Email marketing can be hard work. But by paying attention to the little details you can see a solid increase in generating leads and retaining customers.

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