Time management is actually a management of life , personal management and self management. The management of time is a topic that has always interested me very much and especially when I became aware that time is irrecoverable and irreplaceable.

When you start managing your time and your life with more care, you begin to give more value to yourself and your life . The better you manage your time, the more you like and respect yourself. And the more you like and respect yourself, the better you manage your time. Each aspect reinforces the other.

People who value themselves very much, carefully distribute their time. If you love your life, you love every minute of it and take great care to waste any of the precious minutes and hours of each day.

Knowledge precedes change and if you do not question the activities to which you dedicate time, you will never discover that there are others that deserve more your energy. If you think about the things you dedicate your time to, not only will you be more effective, but you will be able to understand yourself better.

To have time to do what needs to be done, to get where you want to go, you have to focus on what’s valuable . The time you dedicate to approaching your vision is well spent. Accepting the valuable you reject the unnecessary. The more time you spend on high performance activities, the less time you have left for all those urgent nonsense that sucks your time. It is easy to reject something when there is something better to do

Personally I do not conceive an effective person if he does not manage his time well. Most people are so busy that they do not stop to think about how to improve their effectiveness. To move from being busy to achieving results and increasing your productivity, you must be absolutely clear about what you must achieve and identify the best way to achieve it . The trick is to have a method. The use of methods such as GTD or DIT can be useful.

This is my proposal when it comes to managing time:

1. There is nothing more useless than doing effectively what can not be done in any way. The real secret to doing things is knowing that you do not have to do it. The first thing we have to do is identify our personal and professional vision as well as the goals that contribute to achieving them . Anything that does not contribute to my vision and goals should not do so.


2. Make a detailed inventory of the time you dedicate to the tasks you perform daily for at least a week.

3. For each identified task, you classify it according to its importance and urgency (1 urgent and important, 2 important but not urgent, 3 urgent but not important and 4 urgent or important). This classification should be addressed according to their contribution to the fulfillment of the vision and goals

4. After the classification, check if the tasks have contributed to that you reach your vision and your goals and how much time you have spent on it.

5. Once you have become aware that you spend time and where you waste it, discipline yourself to stop doing urgent but not important things and those that are neither urgent nor important . That is achieved by thinking and choosing before acting. Avoid the thieves of time and learn to say NO with diplomacy. It is important that you establish a mail review method at certain times and only attend important calls to avoid being a slave to your mail and your phone.

6. With the time you have after completing step 5, establish an action plan to invest in the most important tasks . Remember the Pareto law that says that 20% of your activities generate 80% of your results. Apply yourself with the important and urgent ones and dedicate as much time as possible to important and not urgent ones. The more time you dedicate, the more effective and more efficient you will have, in the long term, since you will prevent them from becoming urgent.

7.Be proactive and plan the week (Sunday night or Monday morning) In this planning you should review your vision of the future, the annual goals that you have established to achieve the vision and you should establish the weekly objectives assigning reasonable times for your realization. Every day check your list.

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