How do rugby players spend their time off the pitch?

When they’re not training or playing in matches, what do professional rugby players do? Like all top athletes, they know that this time should be spent healing the body and mind as much as possible whilst also undertaking non-practical methods of training. We take a look at some of the things athletes of all levels can copy form the pros.

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Other exercises

The best athletes out there are well-rounded ones. They focus on a number of different parts of their body, including both aerobic and strength exercises. Top rugby players don’t do rugby training every day. Instead, they partake in a wide variety of pursuits. Yoga and pilates, for example, are very well considered as they improve flexibility and core fitness. Swimming is an excellent choice that many rugby players make, especially those suffering from injury as the water helps carry the weight of the body and reduces strain on the injury whilst still allowing you to burn calories, gain strength and de-stress.

Meditation and mindfulness

Being a professional athlete can be stressful. The pressure to perform is high, and the effect it can have on your mind and body is significant. Many rugby players are finding that meditation or mindfulness can unclog the brain whilst helping to focus and prepare for the match ahead. Those who do really fancy meditation should consider a long bike ride or a walk. Anything relaxing that puts you in the “moment” will help you to become a better athlete in the long term.

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Not all training is on pitch

Coaches and players alike know that part of the game is studying it, whether that’s watching top-flight rugby players in action or looking at rugby training drill videos to improve coaching sessions. There are lots of ways that you can improve the game when off the pitch. A wide number of rugby training drill videos can be watched at Sportplan and can be used by coaches and players alike to enrich their training sessions.

Both amateur and professional rugby players know that there’s more to being an excellent player than showing up for training and matches. Concentrate on healing your body and mind during time off the pitch, and look at ways to improve your training session with better drills.

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