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Learn how to register your brand in 5 easy steps

Why you must register your brand or idea? Some entrepreneurs, when they create a new brand for any type of product, start a business or have a new idea, do not believe that it is necessary to register that “invention” because they think it does not do much good.

But the reality is that doing this process can save you a lot of headaches both in the present and in the future.

How to register your brand or idea in 5 easy steps

How to register a brandregister your brand

With a registry, you will protect your brand, idea or name against other people or companies that want to reproduce or imitate it to put it on sale and thus generate money at the cost of your effort. That is, you will prevent others from stealing something that you have created and that is your property. Keep reading

Registering a brand or idea can become an additional source of income for you because if someone wants to use your name or idea, they will have to pay you to do so.

Registering your brand or idea will increase your commercial value since it will give a more positive image to your business, more serious and professional.

With a registered trademark, you will also be able to access aid and loans of money with better interests and characteristics for you than the rest of businesses.

 Define which elements you are going to registerregister your brand

Before starting the registration process, you must be very clear about exactly what you want to protect. Keep in mind that registering an idea or name is not free, you have to pay for it.

What you can not do is to be lying on your couch one day, to come up with a crazy idea that will only interest 3 people (and you know that one of them will be your mother), and say “I’m going to register it!”, Because with that surely you will only lose money.

choose well that what you want to register is based on a solid project that you have already planned and are about to start, or that you have already started.

If this is your case, think about what elements you will need to register. Will it be just the name of the brand, or also the logo of that brand and the designs that involve it?

Is it an idea but you still do not have a name for it? Maybe then you want to wait a bit to name it, and then record both the idea and the term you’re going to call it with.

Check that your brand, idea or name is not already registeredregister your brand

This step is very important because if you decide to register an item, and it is already registered, you can get into a problem such as finding that the company or person who already registered it prevents you from doing it, or making the registration request and that because of this The process lasts several months.

To know if your brand is already registered or not, you can do a search that is usually free in most countries on the website of the registration of patents and trademarks of your country.

Below you will find a table where you will find the website of patents and registries of your country so you can search there if your brand is already registered.

Within those pages, you only have to look for the trademarks and patents section, and the option to check if your trademark or name is already registered.

In the event that you do not find that search engine on your country’s website, you can also go in person to the patent and trademark office in your city, and ask any employee there to do a search there.

Although in these cases there is usually a small fee for using this service; but the price is quite low (between $ 10 and $ 20).

 Apply to register your brand or idearegister your brand

When in the previous step you have verified that there is no name, brand or exact idea to your registered one, it is the moment of application to register what you want.

In almost all the pages of the previous step, you have a section where you can download all the necessary forms to fill them out and present them either in a physical office or sending them directly through the Internet.

My personal recommendation is that, as these papers can sometimes be a little complex to fill out, if it is the first time you are registering a trademark or name, go in person to the patent and registration office to do so (as long as it is possible).

If your office is in another department or autonomous community of your country, and you can not go there in person, do the procedure online and if you have any questions, call the office so they can clarify it.

When filling out this application you will be asked for information such as the name or idea you want to register, to which category it belongs, your personal data and those of your company if you have one, etc.

Wait for your application to be approvedregister your brand

Once your forms are submitted, you will have to wait for a records examiner to check everything to approve – or deny – your request.

Depending on the country in which you live, and the contact forms that you have provided, this will be communicated to you either first by email or phone, and then with a certified letter that will indicate the following instructions that you must follow.

If everything is right, congratulations! You have already registered your brand, name or idea, and you will only have to perform the next step.

Make the payment of the fees to register your brand

As I said in step 1, registering a brand, name or idea is not free: you have to pay official fees that are stipulated by the government of each country.

In each territory, there are different payment options, but usually, there are two valid methods for all countries: either enter the money in the account indicated by the patent and registration office or pay the total of the fee in the same office.

After this last step, you have already registered your brand, name, idea, etc., and you will be protecting your intellectual property.

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