Why You Should Power Wash Your Home Before Selling It

Before you sell your home, it’s never a bad idea to clean it up and do a few basic improvements. Even when the housing market is at its strongest, it’s never a bad idea to spruce up your space just to make it that much more irresistible. According to realtors, even minor improvements like putting on a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference and net homeowners an even better ROI. When it comes to making your home look great to buyers, however, nothing does a better job than a power washer. Even if your home is crusted over from decades of heavy winters, muddy springs, and humid summers, you can use a power washer, or outsource the job to a trusted power washing derry company, to make the outside of your home sparkle like it never has before. Even if you’ve found buyers who are madly in love with your property, giving it that freshly-cleaned look can make all the difference between buyers who are on the fence and investors who are ready to sign on the dotted line. If you’re ready to make your home shine, here’s why you should hire a power washing company for the job.

Better Curb Appeal

Whether you’re the kind of person who loves to keep their entryway looking inviting and beautiful with fresh flower boxes, solar lights, and a paver walkway, or someone who prefers to keep it simple by keeping their lawn looking green and fresh, curb appeal is a real thing, and it’s hugely important to homeowners and prospective buyers alike. If you live in a neighborhood where every house looks beautiful, you’re going to take more pride in your outdoor area. Likewise, if you’re looking to buy a home and you’re not impressed by how it looks from the outside, it could easily be a dealbreaker. In addition to keeping your lawn and outdoor area clean and trim, power washing your home can give it that extra bit of pizazz that’s likely to start a bidding war on your home.

The Irresistibility Factor

There are many reasons why you might have let your home siding get so dirty over the years. Maybe you experienced a heavy winter where snowfall, icy rains, and mudslides over the course of months made it impossible for you to make a dent in the damage before another natural disaster destroyed all your hard work. Maybe you were worried about damaging your siding by applying too much pressure to hard, caked dirt on the sides. Or maybe you simply let the project get away from you, and before you knew it the damage was done. Whatever the reason, power washing is the ultimate solution. It doesn’t matter how dirty your home is on the outside, or how sensitive your siding is. Hiring a professional power washing company means getting experienced workers to treat your home’s siding and reveal a spotlessly clean finish. This won’t just erase years of bad weather, dirt, mildew, and bacteria. It will leave your home looking irresistible to new buyers.

A Fresh Start for New Owners

No one wants to inherit all the problems of an old home, especially if the previous homeowners could have done more to help out. One of the best ways to make a prospective buyer sign on the dotted line is by showing that you’re going to make the process as easy as possible. Moving into a new home is hard work, and it requires a lot of cleaning, sweating, and possible reconstruction. Hiring a power washing team to give your home that fresh, new look is the least you can do to make the new homeowner’s job easier. It will show that you’re doing your part to keep the property healthy and well-maintained and will make your buyer even more eager to move into their new space.

Keeping a Healthy Home

Washing your siding isn’t just a presentability issue. We tend to assume that the exterior of our home is built to stand strong against the elements no matter what. But just because your home can withstand storms, rains, and snow doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of all the bacteria, moisture damage, and mildew that could be building up on your home siding each year. If you want your home to sell quickly and easily, you need it to look great and be completely clean and sound to convince your new buyers that they’re making a great investment. One of the easiest ways to do this is by stripping the exterior of your home of all the grime, mold growth, and pesky bacteria that’s been clinging to it during the winter.

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