How Men have shaped fashion.

From the Early Celtic people wearing woad or Mayan and Aztec warriors in outlandish battle gear, men, whether they like to kid themselves or not, have always had an eye on fashion. However it is only in the twentieth century that Men have been able to spread their wings and launch themselves into the world of what to wear. From the uniformity of Togas in the classical world and the developing use of Linen, cotton and wool Men have struggled to stay abreast of fashion being in jobs that simply did not require a full wardrobe.

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When we see the woodcuts of dancing medieval Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh types it should be noted that the ruff doublet and hose belonged purely to the rich. The rest of the populace were in rags and smocks. Food production and purchase was more important. As manufacturing processes improved and prices began to fall it was customary for the working man to have a set of overalls and workwear with a suit for Sunday best hidden away.

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After the First World war this began to change. Whilst it is now clear that the 20’s was a period marked by great debauchery and the decline of the Upper classes and aristocrats the majority of troops were expected to go back to their lives. However with economic improvements Men suddenly felt they could start to expand their horizons more. Owning more colour and clothes was a start. Going to Designer menswear Ireland company EJ Menswear will help.

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