How to make your ‘about’ page more engaging

After your website’s landing page, the about us page is the most viewed, on average. It is easy to fall into the trap of introducing your staff, or just putting up some buzzword-filled fluff piece, but putting a little bit more thoughtful effort in will pay dividends over time.

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If you aren’t dealing with a professional web development company like a Drupal Design Agency at websites such as , it can be intimidating or confusing to know what to write about which is why it’s best to ask the professionals first. To help, here are four areas to consider to improve your about page.

Consider your target audience

Just like any client or public presentation, when putting your about page together, you should consider your target audience. If your target customers are industry members, you don’t need to shy away from statistics, technical language, and some industry buzzwords, but you may need to keep a more professional tone. However, if you deal mostly with individuals, especially outside of a business environment, a more personal approach may be much more effective. Including anecdotes or telling a story through your about page may be more appropriate in this case.

Create engaging content

Just like anything else, if the content isn’t interesting or useful, you will not make a positive impression.

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Professional companies have professionals working on engaging content, but if you are doing it yourself, consider creating a narrative through your about page, focusing on your company goals or story, if appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to show off

Many people, even in business, find it difficult to show off, preferring a more modest approach, but showing off a little can improve the appearance of your business. If your business has won awards, they should be included on the about page. In many cases, customers are comparing businesses they have never dealt with, and awards help to differentiate your business from competitors and increase customer trust –

Even if you have no awards to show, testimonials from satisfied customers can have similar effects and are worth including.

Help customers connect to you

To retain customers effectively, you want to connect with them at multiple points if possible. Your page should include an easy way to subscribe to your mailing list, if there is one, as well as social media links, to encourage clients to connect with you, but also share your site.

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