kitchen,living room and dining room integrated into a double height space

The project of this detached house on two floors was to create a large social area with living room, dining room and kitchen, which will benefit from the double height ceiling, to give greater range of views living room with four large windows. The entire interior cladding of the house is made of white pine wood, which gives it a modern cabin appearance , with a large central fireplace as the epicenter of the social area.

The lounge


It was decorated with a sofa and two armchairs that create a comfortable home cinema area, thanks to a large flat screen hanging on a partition painted in anthracite gray , in order to give more clarity to the image.


The cool colors of the seat upholstery – an elegant blue lead – together with light and dark gray, have two powerful counterpoint touches of red -the screen light up and the  stairs  leading to the floor Superior- that they break the chromatic austerity of the decoration.

Dining room

Modern, aseptic and minimalist, in the space dedicated to the dining room, the front of the wall stands out, with cubic modules lacquered in a very faint blue, animated by ornaments and personal objects. The exterior view towards the pool is part of the particular and exclusive charm of this space.

The kitchen

The L-shaped floor plan, of about 60 m², culminates in the kitchen with two fronts decorated in different shades: lead blue and white / black. Floor to ceiling cabinets , integrated appliances and panels and a window in front of the sink are the most outstanding elements of this project.

Access to the upper floor

It is made by a decorative   wooden  staircase lacquered in red,  with flow structure and   safety glass railing . Under the staircase was a  low white sideboard,  with a bougainvillea bonsai  ,

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