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Tips for creating interactive emails

Interactive emails, when it comes to improving some aspect of our website or our company, we usually resort to an email newsletter that allows customers to know that we are always available, as well as offering interesting information that lets them know that we are always working.

Currently, interactive emails are widely used, which aim to keep customers loyal through communication that allows them to feel part of the processes that we advance as a company.

Aspects of the design, periodicity among others is an essential part, however, there are some tips that will allow you to create more interactive emails.

Tips for creating interactive emailsinteractive emails

These are some of the most important tips to keep in mind when trying to make our emails impressive and well accepted: Read more: Technology and social change

­Choose a template: we need to have a template with which to create our mail. Emails that do not have a format are more ignored than those that do have one. These templates can be found for free on different platforms or we can find it for a fee that is also varied and offer different solutions.

Create links: a good way to offer interactivity to our customers is through the creation of links that allow people to access specific sites, pages or websites that we are interested in that the client can visit. Read more: 5 SEO ADVICE TO POSITION A WEB PAGE IN 2018

It offers a list or table of contents: another of the tips with which we can create interactive emails that are more interesting for customers is without a doubt to make a table of contents that allows readers to choose what they call the most the attention This allows the reader to feel freer within the processes.

Managing contacts: a good email that is also an excellent strategy is one that has managed the public. Not all the people we have in our network of contacts are interested in the same mail so we can choose depending on the tastes of them, those who may care more about our mail.

Recycle: another of the tips that help us create interactive emails is recycling themes or topics that we have already delivered or published, but that may be useful later. This allows us to have content instantaneously.

Create a draft: it is important to bear in mind that before sending our mail, it is necessary that we can make a draft about the form in which it will be seen and the form in which it will have the order of what interests us, in this way it is simpler that we can choose what we will do or what we can correct.

These are some of the recommendations or advice that allow us then to consider how we should create our interactive emails so that they can meet the proposed objectives.

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