Important things to look for when buying a house.

It’s so easy to get carried away when buying a house. You dream about your life in the new home, only to be brought down to earth with a bump by a disappointing valuation or a devastating surveyor’s report. So once you’ve fallen in love with a house, check these top four items to make sure you haven’t lost your heart to a place that’s going to turn into a money pit.

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1. A Hole in the Roof Means a Major Hole in Your Wallet

Ask most householders what brings them out in a cold sweat, and they’ll say “the roof going”. Gone are the days when a roofer could shin up a ladder carrying a hod full of roof tiles, then walk around on the roof making repairs or reroofing.

The Health and Safety Executive has categorised roof work as high-risk, and that means scaffolding must be erected – not cheap, and that’s before materials and labour. So take a good look at the roof, and check for missing and cracked tiles.

2. Check the Windows

If the property has uPVC windows, check that they haven’t misted and that there are no pools of condensation on window sills. Replacing windows is another major expense which you can do without when you’ve just spent your last penny on moving costs.

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3. Ask About the Boiler

A poorly maintained boiler may be dangerous, expensive and prone to breakdown. So ask how old the boiler is and how often it is serviced. If it’s clearly past its best, you may have to ask the homeowner to accept a lower price to cover the cost of carrying out repairs or installing a new one. When it comes to Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean way, can help, and if you are about to put in an offer, it may be useful to get an estimate of the installation or repair cost.

4, Develop a Nose for Problems

You can smell many problems such as mould, damp, rot and mildew. However, your sense of smell is blunted very quickly. So as soon as you go through the front door, be aware of any smells that shouldn’t be there. If you do smell damp, be on the alert for other signs during your house viewing.


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