clean your gutters

Why is it important to clean your gutters?

Oddly, some gutters need cleaning more often than others. Leaves from nearby trees are one reason, but some roofing materials encourage the growth of moss, and that washes down into your gutters as well. Slipped tiles are another common cause.

clean your gutters

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Once blocked with silt or roofing debris, gutters start to hold water and overflow, and a host of problems ensue.

Whether it’s a job you can undertake yourself will depend on the height of the gutters and whether you can reach them safely. But even from the ground you can watch out for problems.

Gutters and brackets

PVC gutters can buckle under the weight of water they’re holding and twist free from their supporting brackets.

clean your gutters

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Soffits and barge boards

Instead of running away safely into your downpipes, rainwater is now splashing around in the guttering and probably spilling onto timbers near the gutter. These will soon discolour and then begin to rot. Eventually, you could have to get the whole lot replaced, but you can do some timely repairs to boards and slipping tiles with a water tolerant roof sealant such as


Water flowing down your outer walls from the gutters will slowly make your interior walls damp. This results in mildew and plaster damage. Things like bed linen in contact with the walls may even begin to rot and spores from the mildew cause respiratory problems in your family.

Invasive pests

Dry parts of clogged gutters can tempt birds to nest in them – adding to the problem. Stagnant water will attract mosquitoes. Gaps in rotten soffit boards let wasps nest into your loft.

Cracked foundations

Left for long enough, the water that should have gone into your drains finds its own new escape channels. Eventually, it could erode the soil under your foundations allowing them to crack and even subside. If it freezes in cold weather it will widen any cracks that already exist.

Ruined flower beds

Contrary to popular assumptions, plants aren’t all water tolerant. Many will die if they are constantly being flooded with the water that spills from your gutters. The weight of water falling twenty feet may be battering them as well.

Remember, a stitch in time saves nine. If you can’t safely reach those barge boards, gutters and slipped tiles, hire a man who can.

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