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How to choose an ideal look for a wedding

To decide on the ideal look at a wedding, everything depends first on what role you have in it. In fact, if you are maid of honor, godmother or girlfriend, of course! In this article you will find some tips on how to choose an ideal look for a wedding if you are invited. Do not miss them!

General lines for a ideal look

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Choosing an ideal look for a wedding is not easy. In addition, there are certain factors to consider and that are extremely important. For example, you will not choose the same outfit if the wedding is in the autumn, if it is in the summer, right?

Let’s start with some tips for a look ideal and, then, make some points about the time of year.

The pledge? Dress!

Bridesmaids dressed in green with a bouquet in hands

The dress is the garment of weddings par excellence, although there are also those who choose other variations.

Maybe you are one of those who hate dresses and skirts and you feel comfortable only with pants. However, it is a special day, an extraordinary and different day in which everyone wears their best clothes.

Therefore, the dress is the indispensable garment for a guest . Even if you opt for a suit with pants, we insist that a suit with a skirt is better. It’s only one day!

On the other hand, the skirt of the dress can be short for celebrations during the day. However, for events at night the ideal look for a wedding is the long one.

It is not a disguise

Indeed, it is a designated day in which your style will not be the usual one. However, that does not mean you do not have to feel comfortable with your outfit. The goal is also to enjoy the day and, therefore, choosing an elegant dress should not be at odds with you feeling at ease.

The advice, therefore, is to avoid clothes with too much neckline that make you feel uncomfortable or skirts too short. In the same way, avoid too tight dresses that do not allow you to enjoy the party and the banquet.

Stamped or one color?

The dresses of a single color combine perfectly with luminous accessories.

Definitely, the dresses of a single color shine for their elegance and are part of an ideal look for a wedding. Even fuchsia in an interesting option. Yes, forget the white, it’s the color of the bride .

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that there are certain restrictions in relation to other colors. For example, there is always controversy about black . Indeed, it is the color of mourning, and in this sense, it seems inappropriate for a wedding. However, it is also the king of elegance.

In addition, some grooms have colors “reserved” for the bridesmaids or godmother , so it would be important to talk to the couple to know what color should not wear.

However, you must bear in mind that prints are not totally prohibited. Therefore, you can decide on a classic flower print, or choose another type of fashion print.

The complements

The accessories are essential, and will make a difference, especially if you have decided on a dress of a single color. In effect, they will complement and enhance your dress.

Let’s see some tips:

In relation to shoes, remember that heels reign at weddings. However, you should also remember that it is a celebration, so do not go choosing high heels or shoes that will not be comfortable for you. You have to enjoy!

  • Opt for a mini bag. No need to carry everything, just the basics in a mini bag to match your dress.
  • The same happens with jewelry. It is better to choose them of minimalist type and avoid those too bulky.
  • If the wedding is going to be in the church, choose a shawl to cover your shoulders . In addition, it can also be ideal during the banquet.

Free choice texture

In fact, there are no restrictions: satin, silk, velvet, even lace. The choice of the texture of your dress or suit is fully free.

  • Wedding in autumn or winter
  • Bride and groom walking on a path with leaves on the ground
  • Gloves and an elegant coat will be your allies at weddings in cold times.

The only problem with weddings in cold weather is that there will be more garments to incorporate into our look. The goal, now, is to look warm but at the same time elegant. For this reason, take note of these two tips:

  • Decide on some gloves. Long, velvety gloves can make a difference and give you extraordinary elegance.
  • Choose an elegant and glamorous coat, but do not overdo it.
  • It is the ideal time to decide for the velvet, do not hesitate.
  • Of course, check the weather forecast. Maybe the day will not be as cold as it seems.

There is one last piece of advice to give you, and that is natural beauty. Do not forget that the best way to be radiant is to be you, and enjoy yourself.

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