Holi festival of colors, best celebration in India

Six keys to discovering the Holi festival of colors, one of the most anticipated festivals in India. Each year, India is dyed bright colors to receive spring and for two days. It seems that the huge social gaps disappear. It is the Holi, one of the traditions of India. A festival in which men and women, rich and poor, children and adults come together to celebrate this long-awaited party of colors together.

Holi festival of colors

India has lots of cultural function, Holi is one of them. People are called it Holi festival of colors because the function’s main highlight is colo. People are put color with one another with lots of fun and celebrate the function.

1. What is Holi

Holi is a festival of religious origin that is celebrated mainly in India. It also celebrates other countries where large Hindu communities live. Just like as in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Africa or the United Kingdom. The event is also known as the Spring Festival, as it celebrates the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the month. It normally coincides with the end of February or the beginning of March.

2. When it is celebrated

In this year 2019, Holi took place from March 21 to 22, although it is still celebrated in different parts of the world. The United States for several months until summer under the name of ” Festival of Colors of the United States “.

3. How it is celebrated

The original celebration consists essentially of throwing bright colored powders and colored water. As a symbol of happiness for the arrival of spring, trying to emulate the cheerful colors of the flowers that will be born during the coming season. It is a moment to logical, joy, fun, music and dance, but above all spiritual. Because during the day before the festival, bonfires are lit to commemorate the triumph of “good” versus “evil.”

4. s í symbols of Holi

The traditional face of Holi maintains that at the beginning of the spring season when the weather changes. It is very likely that there are viruses and colds, so the fact of throwing colored powders has a medical meaning. Since traditionally they have been manufactured to from herbs prescribed by the Ayurveda. Unfortunately, the commercial aspect of the celebration has increased the use of synthetic colors that cSan be toxic. So it is recommended to ensure that the purchased powders are Gulal or of natural origin.

5. M to s all to the festival

Perhaps the best thing about the festival is the freedom that people experience. Some practices that would be unthinkable in other contexts due to the strict social norms of India. India is perfectly acceptable during the celebration of Holi. Colored water jets, wet friends in mud pools and have fun shamelessly with peers. Women, above all, are the ones who most enjoy that feeling of freedom, of more flexible standards. It’s time to have fun and have fun without restrictions. In fact, almost anything is accepted in this colorful party: Do not worry, it’s Holi!

6. A festival of color without barriers

For a few days, the festival closes the social gap between rich and poor, all are equal, without differences. To embrace and wish themselves Happy Holi for a few hours a year.

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