Cultivation information of kratom- kratom fertilization

It is so easy to cultivate kratom. Kratom trees requires tropical environment to grow properly. That’s why most of the kratom cultivated in Southeast Asia and pacific island countries. In these countries environment and climates are very friendly for kratom plants. It is really very easy to cultivate kratom. There is no need of extra care for growing kratom. When kratom plants are being two or three weeks older it needs some fertilization. Without proper nutrition and fertilization kratom plants can’t achieve their perfect growth. It is an interesting process to fertilization in kratom fields.  Now we are talking about the fertilization process of kratom. You can read more about kratom on

Fertilization in kratom field

Kratom need medium hard clay land like other evergreen trees. Before seeding the younger plants, the field must have to irrigate properly with a necessary amount of water and tractor. Once the irrigation process is complete kratom field is being ready to fertilization. The amount and nature of fertilization depends on the soil condition. Soil should be tested before the fertilization. Otherwise the land can be over fertilized which are not good for kratom plants. A Kratom plant needs compost and potash fertilizer. But sometimes the field requires some urea fertilizer too. The amount of fertilizer decided by the soil tests of the kratom field. Farmer fertilized their land by their own hands. But recently they used some advanced fertilization equipments to make sure the proper fertilization.

Cost of fertilization in kratom cultivation

The fertilization amount decided the cost on fertilization. If the land need much fertilizer the fertilization cost will increasing. But after fertilization there will no need fertilization in a year. Some people think there is too much cost to cultivate kratom. But the truth is, after a few weeks there is no need much fertilization or extra care for growing kratom plants. Kratom cultivation is a profitable business because it is an evergreen herbal tree. Farmers can get harvest in any season in the year.

It is really an interesting process to fertilized kratom field. It is important to make sure proper fertilization for kratom plants. Besides the farmer should be careful about the whole fertilization process. To get the best kratom leaf and kratom products it is important to cultivating it properly.

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