Cool Insignia: Testing in the Arctic Circle

A revamped Vauxhall Insignia hit the market in 2017, and it was widely anticipated that this new and improved version will be in high demand right across the globe and it hasn’t disappointed.

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Arctic Glamour

Dramatic images were released at the time of the latest model undergoing testing close to the Arctic Circle. They really put this car through its paces. Information released portrayed the new Insignia as being bigger, roomier and more efficient than before.


While the hype around the car is grow before its launch, car lovers had to wait for it to be unveiled at either the Paris Motor Show later on this year, or potentially later still at the Geneva event in early 2017. The world was posed to wait and see when this much anticipated and incredible vehicle was to be released.

Engine Upgrade

The most notable engine improvements will include the Insignia’s first 1.6l CDTi diesel, which will take the place of the 2.0l CDTi set up. With these upgrades, it seems likely that General Motors are plotting to take the lead in the best-in-class improvement for the new diesel Insignia. The 1.6l CDTi version will be available in a number of options, beginning at 136bhp.

The previous Insignia is offered with General Motors petrol 1.6l SIDI turbocharged engine. The new Insignia will be fitted with an 8-speed automatic transmission. It is believed that this change alone will boost fuel economy in the region of three per cent when contrasted with the 6-speed version. More information on fuel economy can be found at

Teaser Campaign

The teaser shots indicated that the updated Insignia was to follow an evolutionary trajectory, with only minimal design tweaks added to brand it similarly to the rest of Vauxhall’s range.The photos seemed to show a refined roofline and a rear end that is wider than before.

Design Tweaks

In addition to a roomier rear and improved access through higher doors, the Mark Two Insignia also has a larger and more user-friendly boot capacity than previous versions. The tailgate design has been updated to include remodelled and re-positioned rear lights that will enable the boot to be taller, wider and deeper. The model has been out in the market for a few years now and it won’t be long before mots gloucester companies such as start to see them in their garages for their annual MOT servicing following the vehicles third birthday.

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