Should I choose a big or small dog?

When thinking of giving your home as a forever home for a dog, the breed you choose and that breed’s personality is very important. However, getting the wrong size for your family or home can cause countless problems so deciding on a small breed or large breed is an important choice to make. Here are some helpful tips:

The size of your home and its location

Whilst a big dog can live in a small home, the temperament of the dog plays a big part in whether that will work for the family or not. Some big dogs have boundless energy, where a small apartment or house might soon become claustrophobic as you trip over each other. If there is a garden with a fence, this can help but it will still be necessary to take multiple lengthy walks for a large dog to give the dog the right level of exercise. Smaller dogs will have more room to run off energy inside the house.

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Consider too that big breeds need more space for sleeping, will require a larger crate and will need more space in general, just for moving around. If the property is located close to woods, beaches or parks, this might influence the decision to go ahead and get a bigger dog. Whatever size you choose, be sure to get them top quality Designer Dog Collars from a site like

Energy levels

Another factor to consider is the energy levels of both the dog and the owner. Some find it easier to keep up with a small dog. It’s far easier to catch, play and run with a small dog than it is a big one. Many people find it more straightforward to train a smaller dog too.

For those with physical limitations, a big dog might not be a good idea as they take so much more energy and strength to train, control and play with. However, a properly trained large dog can prove to be a god send in assisting a person with limited mobility as they are able to do things that small dogs can’t.


There is little difference in small and big dogs in terms of alertness and territorial protection. However, if a homeowner is seeking to intimidate potential intruders, a large breed can come across as more threatening and off-putting. Many small breeds don’t seem to understand that they are small and can be pretty fierce, so in terms of protection, there’s not much in it.

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Care and nutrition

Giving a bath to a large dog is a lot more effort than a small one. You’ll need more space and definitely a bathtub, whereas a little dog could be washed in a sink. Grooming is more challenging the bigger the dog and it is easier to hold onto a smaller dog when it’s time for nail trimming, for example. Bigger dogs eat more too, that’s no surprise, so for those on a tight budget, a smaller breed might make more sense.

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