The Top Home Trends for 2021

If you are thinking that 2021 is the year to bring your home up to date, here are a few of the top interior trends that you can use to do this, and make the most of your home in 2021…

Tropical Trends – What we all need right now is a holiday which is possibly why this is becoming such a popular trend in the home this year! Tropical prints and exotic animals are a great way to bring your home up to date and to add some fun and colour to your home. Funky lamps and wallpaper adorned with tropical prints are a great way to use this trend.

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Cosy Cottage – This look is about bringing home comforts back and banishing the colder minimalism that has ruled for the past decade or so. Look to your grandma for inspiration and encourage the home comforts of fussy prints and comfy furniture, as well as features like a ceiling rose – you can find ceiling roses online here. The key with this look is to get away from the minimalism and back to the home comforts that we all love!

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Bold Colours – Another departure from the minimalism we have seen is the use of bolder colours. Adding striking colours to your home allows you to inject a bit of your personality to the house and to add some interest to the room. Whether going for a dark and dramatic bedroom or a kitchen with dark cupboards, you can really enjoy it and have fun with this trend.

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