What is the best Huawei phone?

The Huawei brand has positioned itself as one of the best quality brands in the Spanish market at this time. If you have noticed this, you will surely want to buy one of the best Huawei phones of this season. I invite you to know the best ones in the following list.

Huawei P20

Today one of the best mobile phones in the market and perhaps the best temporary brand for quality price. It is true that its price is slightly higher than other models, but if you really want to have a next generation mobile, this version is what you are looking for.

The mobile has a large screen that will allow you to see everything without problems, thanks to the fact that it has a great resolution of 2244 × 1080 that makes everything look perfect. To this we must add a high capacity touch system, a large processor and 4GB of RAM that will make the mobile fly. The truth is a perfect mobile for the most demanding, which will give you more of a joy. Without forgetting that it includes a large capacity of internal memory-

Huawei P8 Lite

A mobile that I personally like a lot. If you do not want a really big mobile in terms of screen, but you want quality, this mobile is another great alternative. The terminal has a 5.2-inch screen and has everything you need to take advantage of a large mobile.

Among other things, it has 3gb of ram, more than enough for normal to high usage. For example, you can play without problems. It is a very light and easy to use mobile so from the first minute you will feel very comfortable. It has a long battery life and most importantly, it is a mobile that you can tell you have been built to last.

Huawei Y Y5

It has a 5.5-inch screen, more than enough to have a good view, thanks in part to the quality of the resolution is very well achieved.

It is a very practical mobile. It has a dual sim system and an extra one for microSD, not like other models that only give you a choice between one option or another. The battery is 3000 mAh, very powerful and durable for each load, has Android 8.0 system and 2GB of ram. It is a mobile that works very well for the price it has.

Huawei Mate 10

Another of the latest phones that has taken the brand. It is a perfect mobile for people who want a good mobile, but are not too demanding and therefore do not want to have the latter. For quality price, it can be said that it is a mobile phone that is giving very good results and that it comes out at a really economic price.

For you to do to the idea, it has 4gb of ram and good internal memory that can be extended with microSD. The battery is 3000mAh, that is, it will last you a long time and has all the extras to be able to say that this is a big Huawei mobile phone.

Huawei P20 Lite

Another mobile of the brand that is having a great sales success. It can be said that he is the little brother of the P20 mentioned above. If you really want the best, but do not need that much power, this version will come in handy. You should know that the price is cheaper, hence it is perfect for people with less budget.

It has a great capacity for response, thanks to the fact that it is very well equipped, without forgetting that it has very good cameras, 64GB memory that can be extended through microSD, a screen with very good definition. The truth is that it is another mobile that you have to take into account.

Why buy a Huawei mobile?

Until recently, the Huawei brand did not finish liking, because it was a Chinese brand and consequently gave much distrust. But after several years in the market, we have realized that it is a brand that makes quality products at very competitive prices, hence it has become one of the most mobile brands sold worldwide.

As I have said, one of the strong points by which to bet on this mobile brand is for its quality price . Although we are talking about mobile phones in many powerful occasions and of very good quality, the truth is that prices are very cheap, hence the brand is one of the favorite of many people. If you compare a mobile of the same characteristics of this brand with a better known as iPhone or Samsung, you will realize that the final price is much cheaper. Sometimes the savings can exceed 50%.

Another thing that is making the brand does not stop increasing its sales is that it has been shown that the mobiles are very reliable , despite being manufactured in China. To this we must add that they have a simple interface, with the aim of making the mobile work in an efficient way and above all that is easy to handle. If you have not yet tried this mobile brand, I invite you to do so. Sure you will like it and it will become one of the favorite brands.

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