What are the best halogen bulbs

If you have to buy one or more halogen bulbs but you do not know which one to buy, in this article we have made a selection of the best halogen bulbs . You just have to choose the one you like most and start enjoying their services.

Halogen lighting bulb Ever

I present a model of halogen bulb of high quality cold color. If you are looking for this type of color, this bulb will come in handy. To make you to the idea, the package has 5 units, which means that the price of each bulb is very low.

This model has a nice design and stands out for saving energy. Specifically, it has been classified under the A + energy efficiency class, that is, you will quickly amortize the investment you have made. Do not forget that it has a light power of 60w and can illuminate an angle of up to 120ยบ, which is not bad for this type of light bulbs.

Opus halogen lamp bulb

If the halogen bulb you’re looking for is to insert inside a lamp, then this is the kind of bulb you’re looking for.

It has a power of 60w, although it is true that only consumes 42w, which is a significant energy savings. Before this type of bulbs were expensive, but now they have a very competitive price. Do not forget that the package includes 10 units, that is, the price of each unit is minimal.

Putting these types of bulbs is very simple, although it is always recommended to perform this operation with plastic gloves to avoid catching them directly with your hands. If you put them with your hands, there is a high probability that the bulb melts before being put on the lamp.

Ywtech halogen bulb

Through these Led Gu5.3 bulbs you can have light in the ceilings through the halogens. Whether they have been fused or work well, replacing your old bulbs with these new ones is a great option. For you to do the idea, have a power of 50w, but only consume 5w, which means that they will save you a lot of energy. Hence, they have been rated A +.

This model in particular has 4000k and 500 lumens, so you can enjoy good lighting. To this we must add that they are very resistant to use. For you to get used to the idea, they have a useful life of 30,000 hours.

Philips Eco-halogen bulb

If you have a special lamp and you have to install a straight ecohalogen bulb in it, the Philips brand shows us a great alternative. Not only do I recommend it for the brand, but because it really offers very good results and great durability.

It has a very bright light that offers a great contrast, that is, the stay will be very well lit, do not forget that we speak of a 400w models, which is equivalent to 500w. It also allows you to adjust the intensity volume of the light, as long as your lamp allows this option. And remember, if you need less power, this model will offer you the power you’re looking for.

Bomcosy halogen bulb

Another one of the best alternatives if you are looking for a halogen bulb with a cap. This particular model offers you a white and warm 3000k light.

It also saves energy in a simple way. This model only spends 5w, but gives the same light as a 50w bulb, which is not bad. Do not forget that it has 420 lumens and is a fixed intensity model, that is, you can not regulate the light. These bulbs can be purchased separately or in a pack, the latter being the cheapest option.

Osram Halostar halogen bulb

The Osram brand for me is one of the best brands in the world of light bulbs, hence this model recommends you. It is true that the bulb is a little more expensive than other models, but also offers us the security of buying a product of the highest quality.

For you to get the idea, despite being delicate bulbs, the average life of each of the bulbs is 2000 hours, which means that it is really worth paying the price difference to have a good bulb in the lamps of our house.

Lohas Led halogen bulb

Another interesting option if you want your next bulbs to have LED technology. In this case they are sold in pack at a very good price. That is, the price of each bulb at the individual level is very cheap. We are talking about 50w bulbs and a very nice warm white. Specifically is 3000k which is fine if you want to have a good light at home.

I want to emphasize that these bulbs have a beam angle of 120 degrees, while they are not adjustable. Keep it in mind when buying them, not being a disappointment.

Halogen bulb of low consumption

Finally I want to talk about halogen bulbs elongated low consumption perfect for lamps that need this type of bulbs. They can be purchased in different sizes, with a minimum power of 48w.

The pack is sold with five units and have an energy class C. They are not the most saving bulbs in the market, but the price is very good as well as the duration. This means that price quality is another option that is worth including in this comparative article.

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