The benefits of leasing catering equipment

For anyone planning or running a commercial kitchen, there are both budgetary and operational reasons why leasing kitchen equipment makes sense.

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Commercial kitchens don’t use the same equipment that home owners buy for one chief reason; home appliances rarely get used more than once a day but commercial ones are in almost continuous use. They are built to last and consequently, they cost more.

The financial incentive

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant venture or simply running an existing one, your budget is always going to have top priority. By leasing your commercial dishwashers, ovens and fridges you can make big savings in start up costs, or smooth out the impact of a replacement appliance.

Not having to find full costs up front allows you to invest in better equipment in the first place. Better commercial equipment will provide you with more capacity and have faster cycle times, see, for example

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A leased appliance will often (but not always) cost somewhat more over its lifetime than the same item bought outright. However, against that are stacked a host of advantages that save money in the long run. These include being able to upgrade your appliance again when your business grows or better technology becomes available.

When you’re leasing your equipment, it’s sometimes possible to tweak your routine running costs by extending the term of your lease or leases. Sometimes discounts are available in return for committing yourself to using a particular brand of consumable. But probably your most important consideration will be that your lease effectively insures you against costly breakdowns.

The practical incentive

If you own your equipment outright and it breaks down, you not only face the cost of a repair but your business can lose customers, or even employees, while it remains out of commission. Breakdowns or lack of servicing can also lead to breaches in hygiene standards (for example

Worse still, there is a national shortage of appliance engineers trained to work on commercial equipment. Ordinary domestic appliance engineers will turn you down. Similarly, procuring spare parts for commercial dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators can be a challenge. With the backing of a leasing company, all these worries go away.

Factoring in the costs of call-outs, repairs, spares, downtime and servicing makes leasing equipment look a very attractive proposition.

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