Ancient civilisations and their drainage systems

Drainage systems operate throughout the world and it is not often that we even think about how they came into existence. In today’s world we have very sophisticated waste systems and our drainage pipes can be repaired with minimal disruption thanks to the skills of a Drain Lining Company like

But what did ancient civilisations do for drainage?

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One of the earliest forms of drainage is thought to originate with the Ancient Egyptians. As a civilisation they were very spiritual and water was an incredibly important part of these rituals so they developed a system that allowed waste water to be removed and separated from their clean and much more hygienic fresh water.

The Minonians created four sewage systems to deal with the waste that was created in the Minoan Palace in Knossos on the island of Crete. They created these systems of pipes to empty into large sewers that were built of stone.

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The Romans are the next civilisation to create a sophisticated drainage system known as the Cloaca Maxima. This was a large calan type sewer that ran through the central forum back in the 6th century. You can still see a trickle of water running through these historic sewers today.

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