America was built on Roaring NASCAR

When you see the large American stock cars of the NASCAR series thundering around the ovals of Daytona, Darlington or the famous Indianapolis brickyard or dipping in and out of each other at the road way of the Mid Ohio Car course or Road America you can’t help thinking about the danger involved for the drivers and even the people watching. There has to be an element of safety involved with such a big event and for a large company like NASCAR it is best to get Events Medical Cover from sites including for everyone’s health and wellbeing.

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it’s interesting to note that its roots lie in the quite murky origins. Regardless of how it came about the Dodge Toyota or Freebooted created race cars are incredible. So where did this all America motorsport come from?


In the 1920’s there was Prohibition. The Government at the time had banned the sale and production (but not consumption if you could get!) of alcohol so as to stop rising domestic violence and work production days being wasted. However there was a still great demand for alcohol and people were quite prepared to pay for it. This was especially true in the deep south where it was harder to secretly manufacture drink. The hotbed for the production of whiskey or moonshine as it was known was the Appalachians in the North East. The fastest and quickest way of transporting this was in very fast cars carrying stock hence “stock cars”. They were light and speedy to evade the police and revenue agents. This illegal activity, called bootlegging resulted in high speed car chases and effectively racing, on the dirt roads of America. Eventually the law of prohibition was repealed and drink became readily available to the public again. The days of the bootlegger were over or so it was thought. The southerners had developed a taste for the good old Appalachian rot gut and they were more than happy to get some and part with their cash. It was cheaper than the stuff in the shops as there was no tax to pay on it (which was one of the reasons prohibition was ended). The bootleggers still had a job and it became something of a matter of pride to get there first. So they were set against each other as well as the FBI and local law enforcement.  This practice carried on into the nineteen fifties with dirt tracks created to tame the cars and give them somewhere to race. Most were converted road cars souped up and with very little regard to safety.

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Modern day NASCAR is very different with North America car manufacturers like Oldsmobile and Pontiac entering cars. It’s also seen interest from Toyota and Honda as well. The sport is an integral part of the working American public and you mess with it at your peril. The NASCAR roar will be with use for quite some time.

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