5 branding trends to know in 2019

As the retail sector continues to change at breakneck pace, we take a look at five key trends to take note of as we hurtle toward the festive season of 2019.

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Stories in the media talk about high-profile casualties, but spending is up and more consumers are shopping. Nevertheless, retailers need to tap into why, when and how goods are bought today.

1. Blurred lines

The line between online and offline retailers is blurring more by the day. With Amazon trialling and opening physical locations, traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers are now increasing their online presence.

2. Getting the full experience

To tempt consumers into shops, many retailers are looking at ways to create a shopping experience. From specialist pop-up shops to spa services, brands are finding an edge to drum up business.

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3. Augmented reality

Smartphone technology and specialist apps can help retailers enhance the experience for shoppers. IKEA has developed software that allows people to see full-scale furniture in their homes. Because of the realistic elements involved, augmented reality is more popular than virtual reality and its more fantasy-like presentation.

4. Positioning can help with market share

Whether you take Nike’s stand with Colin Kaepernick or look at one of the many businesses that have come out on one side or the other of the Brexit debate, taking a position on the issues of the day can help retailers find a new market. It can be somewhat polarising to take a position, so seeking expert guidance from a local Gloucestershire branding agency such as http://www.reallyhelpfulmarketing.co.uk/brand-development/ can help you to avoid leaving existing customers behind.

5. Looking back, over my shoulder

In these days of Spotify and eBooks, it may surprise observers to see the rise in sales of physical books and vinyl records. In the case of vinyl, the format was considered dead for mainstream releases at the dawn of the 1990s, and whilst the decline of books was never terminal, digital readers took a massive chunk for a while. As nostalgia draws people to brands and experiences from their youth, tapping into these warm and fuzzy feelings can help brands to grow consumer confidence and sentiment.

Keeping up with trends (or looking back on them) can help a business maintain a current outlook and potentially gain some column inches.

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