10 tips to make perfect churros that do not explode

Ingredients for perfect churros that do not explode

  • 250 g. all-purpose wheat flour
  • 250 g. of water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt (approximately 8 grams)
  • Soft olive oil for frying or sunflower oil
  • Sprinkle sugar
  • Absorbent kitchen paper
  • A manual churrera or a pastry bag with a fine mouth

This is, in broad strokes, the recipe for churros . Yes we get into detail, because it does not have much more to explain as it is a basic recipe in terms of ingredients that does not require any complicated culinary technique.

To get some churros or truncheons without flour flavor, well cooked, without unnecessary fat excesses, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside it is necessary to be patient, practice a little and put these tips into practice.


01. The proportion of water and flour is key when it comes to getting the dough to acquire the right consistency. As a general rule we have to use the same amount of water as flour. However, this may vary depending on the brand of flour we buy, the humidity of the environment and other climatic factors that are beyond our control. For that reason it is convenient to make several tests of proportions or to try different types of flour until we give with which it works for our churros.

02. Oil in the dough, yes or no? As with the proportions of water and flour, the issue of adding oil to the dough is optional. Each teacher has his booklet and there are people who add it and people who do not. The oil helps to make the dough more malleable and this is to be welcomed when we work the churrera and we want the dough to come out, which is quite hard and difficult to handle. If we choose to use oil, it is better to use extra virgin olive oil. One tablespoon per 250 grams of flour and 250 grams of water will be enough, although we can go up to one and a half tablespoons. No more.

03. You have to follow the recipe to the letter. If it says “we boil water, oil and salt” we have to bring this mixture to a boil. It is not enough to warm up. No. It has to boil. The same with the flour, it is necessary to sift it so that it scalds when adding the boiling liquid on it. With this we pre-cook and avoid that our churros, if we fry them correctly, they know raw flour.

04. The point of mixing and kneading is very important. Do not underestimate. If we do not get a homogeneous mass the churros will deform with the frying and, but still, they will explode in the oil. That’s why it’s great to use a mechanical mixer, but if we do not have one, we do the process by hand. We start with a wooden or silicone spoon and mix, mix and mix until homogenized. The dough is very hot (we have poured boiling water so the temperature is around 100º C), but as soon as we can manipulate it with our hands, we grease them with a pinch of extra virgin olive oil and knead them by hand. We look for a smooth and smooth dough, as soon as we reach this point we stop kneading.

05. Fill the churrera with it, pressing well so that no air bubbles remain inside, otherwise our churros will explode when frying and we will end up putting the kitchen in a cisco, with oil and dough on all sides. Not to mention the danger we ourselves have of burning ourselves. If we do not have churrera we can use a pastry bag with a star nozzle.

06. The frying oil must be hot and plentiful. Do not rake when it comes to filling the pan well, the churros have to float on it. If you give us to save our churros will be equally rich, that’s for sure, but the star shape will be rare and not look as nice as they should.

07. Better if we use extra virgin olive oil. Yes, we know it is more expensive than any other variety traditionally used for frying, but the extra virgin olive oil gives the churro an unequaled flavor that can not be obtained with any other.

08. To keep the oil warm, do not fill the frying pan with churros, so finish it as soon as possible. With this we only manage to lower the temperature and absorb too much oil. So better three in three, four in four or the right number for the capacity of our container.

09. During the frying process, we turn the churros to brown on all sides equally, the dough is cooked well inside and acquire that crunchy texture that we like so much of the churros.

10. Finally, when removing the churros from the pan, let them rest for a couple of minutes on absorbent paper so they do not get greasy and, of course, we pass them through sugar. This last gives our churros the crunchy and sweet touch that they lack to become the perfect churros.

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